Location – Akyaka, Turkey

Dates – 4th to 9th September, 2018

Status – Confirmed

The picturesque spot of Akyaka, Turkey will be hosting the World Tour for the second year running. This beautiful spot is known for its reliable thermal winds during this period.

You can expect to see the top riders in the World compete during this Elite Championship event.

4–9 th Sept, 2018
A World Kiteboarding Championships Tour stop Event

1.1 The Akyaka Amarok World Cup will be held from the 4th of Sept. until the 9th of Sept.2018 (Day of Registration 4rd of Sept and the 9th of Septt Prize giving).
1.2 First mandatory skippers meeting will be on the 5th SEPT . at 9:00 AM
1.3 The event discipline is Freestyle . The event gives full points for the overall WKC Freestyle Tour
1.4 The total price money is € 20000.- (Twenty thousand Euro).
1.5 Openings ceremony will be on the 4th of SEPT. at 18.30 at the event site.
1.6 Prize giving and closing ceremony will be right after the finals.

The event organizer is Selim Kemahli

The event will be based in Akyaka beach site.There will be secured storage for the equipment.
Conditions to be expected; Flat to choppy waters (around 18 degrees ) and air temperatures
may vary between 17 to 25 degrees Celcius.
3.1 This is a World kiteboarding league sanctioned event governed by the WKC rule book.
3.2 The WKC point system will apply to the Freestyle discipline.
3.3 The WKC code of conduct.
3.4 This Notice of Event (NOE).

4 Entry Regulations
4.1 Caddies, coaches and team personel will report at the registration office on the 1thSept in Akyaka
at the event site.The event schedule can be found on the worldkiteboardingchampionships.com website

4.1 Kite boards may be required to carry event advertising in compliance with the WKC rule book
4.2 The Organizing Authority will supply the Lycra vests, stickers and instructions for their use.
4.3 The only event advertising stickers and/or Lycra vests that may appear on equipment and may be worn are those issued by the Organizing Authority of the Event in which the kite board is currently entered.
4.4 Lycra vests shall be worn over the harness while going afloat at any time during the event. Competitors shall not deliberately cut or tear the Lycra.

5 Contest director is Olaf van Tol and Head judge Mallory de Villemarque. Judging panel will be introduced at the mandatory riders meeting.

6.1 Competitors take part in the competition at their own risk. The WKC, or any of their officials, representatives, the sponsors,their officials or representatives are not responsible, under any circumstances, for any damage, loss or injury either ashore or on the water either to persons or equipment,
6.2 Participation in this event is at the sole discretion of the competitor and at his/her own risk.